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Film: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2 (U/A)

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

Director: Bill Condon

The first film in the Twilight series made Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson immortal, and I am not talking about the characters they play in Breaking Dawn — Part 2, of lovers Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, but as themselves in the hearts of millions of Twilight fans.

Download Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie

After the below-par New Moon, the depressing Eclipse, and the utterly disappointing Breaking Dawn — Part 1, the final film of the Twilight saga is refreshing and ends the series on a high.

For starters, after Bella (Kristen) turns into a vampire, she finally looks happy in this film, an end to her emo days allowing her to act ’normal’. “I was born to be a vampire,” says Bella as she transforms into one and goes from being a weak human to the strongest vampire in the Cullen family, which is proved when she gives Emmett (Kellan Lutz) a run for his money in an arm-wrestling match.

Bella starts getting used to her new life as a vampire and mother. The CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) baby Renesmee looks awkward and reminds one of Chucky from Child’s Play. It’s a relief when Mackenzie Foy starts playing Renesmee.

While the plot stays true to the book in the first half, the film starts on a slow note, then gradually picks up pace with a dash of drama as it moves on. Bella starts getting used to her life as a vampire by hunting, sucking blood, and doing other vampire stuff.

In her role as mother, Bella gets protective about Renesmee and almost kills Jacob when she learns he imprinted on her. For those who don’t know, that’s “a wolf thing”, as Jacob says (a way of choosing a mate for a werewolf).

When all that gets sorted and it seems all is well, the Cullens' estranged cousin Irina sees Renesmee and thinks she is an immortal child and informs the Volturi about it.

The Volturi decide to destroy the Cullens since creating immortal children is against the vampire canon. The Cullens then start to search for witnesses who can prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is half-human and half-vampire. This part of the film, for the first time in the series, has other vampires from around the world shown with different powers. As Jacob says, “There are many red eyes.”

From here, the film drifts away from the book. There is a lot of gore, heads rolling and some beloved characters getting lost in a dramatic sequence or not watch the film to find out the dramatic twist. This well-executed digression from the book makes the viewer, including the 'Twi-hard' fans, sit up and gape in awe and horror.

Download Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie

Kristen Stewart shows emotions just when one thought she couldn't act. She is a surprise package as the vampire-mother who believes in forever. Robert Pattinson, as Edward, is convincing like in the other films. Taylor Lautner’s Jacob has some of the best lines in the film and he successfully makes the audience giggle with his cheeky dialogues. A special mention must be made of Michael Sheen as Aro, leader of the Volturi. He plays the villainous character to the T and is the show-stealer.

For a series that started with a bang, Breaking Dawn — Part 2 ends the Twilight saga on the same note. This film has to be the second best in the series after the first film, Twilight, and brings it to a fitting end.

Twilight fans who liked the not-so-well made films like New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn — Part 1 will love this film. But for the rest who are looking to catch a movie this weekend, Breaking Dawn — Part 2 is worth a watch. It may not be the best film ever, but is well-made with all the elements of a good film.