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Download The Man With the Iron Fists Movie Full Link

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As erratically enjoyable as it is consistently ridiculous, the martial arts pastiche “The Man With the Iron Fists” is the latest evidence that the vogue for neo-exploitation cinema shows no sign of flagging. Directed by the hip-hop impresario turned would-be auteur RZA (a k a Robert Diggs), of the group Wu-Tang Clan, “Iron Fists” is a sweetly sincere, lightly cheeky gloss on the film genre wuxia (“martial chivalry”) and those entertainments known for their flying swordsmen (and women), crouching tigers, hidden dragons and often fabulous hair, gowns and wirework. This is a movie as drenched in genre love as it is in the arterial spray from its hordes of sliced and diced characters.

Download The Man With the Iron Fists Movie

It can be hard to separate knowing neo-exploitation cinema from just plain dreck, and, really, there seems little point in doing so. Once upon a time, so-called respectable films opened in certain theaters, and the putative dross of the type churned out by the producer Samuel Z. Arkoff opened elsewhere. Those divisions between high and low are long gone, demolished by vanguard directors like Dennis Hopper and more recently by filmmaker-pasticheurs like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, who draw on exploitation cinema as enthusiastically as they do on classic Hollywood and art film. The apex of their geek fandom was Mr. Tarantino’s “Death Proof” and Mr. Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror,” which were packaged in the United States as a double feature titled “Grindhouse.”

“The Man With the Iron Fists” is, like those films, the progeny of a deep cinephile passion, if rather shakier filmmaking skills. Shot in China, though as supremely artificial-looking as a Hollywood (or Hong Kong) backlot, it mostly takes place in a fictional feudal town, Jungle Village, at the juncture of King Hu and Sergio Leone, filmmakers whose shadows loom heavily over the movie. It’s here that Western name actors, notably Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu, rub elbows and clashing accents with Asian talent like Daniel Wu and Gordon Liu in a knotted story involving the usual mad grab for power and gold. Lucy Liu plays Madam Blossom, who runs a flamboyantly, amusingly smutty, pinked-up brothel packed with smiling lovelies who look like an Orientalist fantasy by way of Victoria’s Secret.

In a misguided move, RZA has cast himself as the narrator and story hub, a character known, with a touch of wit, only as the Blacksmith. A hardworking soul, the Blacksmith makes weapons for the local warring clans, squirreling away his money so that he can leave town with Lady Silk (Jamie Chung). The Blacksmith’s pungent history — told in flashback and buoyed by a brief appearance from Pam Grier — could itself be spun off into a separate movie. It’s an obviously pivotal role that should have real juice. But RZA, with his sleepy eyes and an affect so laid-back it’s a wonder he can remain standing for minutes at a time, is too recessive a screen presence to make the character pop, much less hold your interest.

Download The Man With the Iron Fists Movie

To his credit, he has tapped some professional scene stealers, including Mr. Crowe and a diverting ByronMann as Silver Lion, a gaudy baddie with heavy-metal hair and a psycho grin. Mr. Crowe, who swans about as a rogue called Jack Knife, looks amused throughout, and it’s no wonder, since about all he has to do is bed multiple women and gut an occasional foe in a movie that can feel like a private party. Which in some ways it is: Ms. Liu and Mr. Liu appeared in Mr. Tarantino’s epic “Kill Bill,” to which RZA contributed music. Mr. Tarantino has returned the favor by lending his brand to “Iron Fists” as its “presenter.” RZA wrote the movie’s screenplay with Eli Roth, of “Hostel” franchise notoriety, who appeared as the bat-wielding American soldier in Mr. Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds.”