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With his dashing good looks and expertise in soccer, George (Gerard Butler)has a way with women. While almost every second woman throws herself at the former Scottish soccer star, his heart is reserved for ex-wife Stacie (Jessica Biel) only. However, George's bad timing and bad luck when it comes to finances and certain crucial decisions leads to their separation.

Download Playing for Keeps Movie

Stacie finds herself a new boyfriend and son Lewis learns to live with the fact that his dad may never be around for him. Hoping for a reconciliation, George decides to get his act right. He tries to redeem himself by meeting the expectations of his estranged family. He starts with coaching and mentoring his son's football team. Although, as luck or bad luck would have it, he ends up charming the hotshot single mothers of the kids instead! Will Stacie forgive her smokin' hot husband and take him back?

Playing for Keeps is a decent one-time watch only for the very gorgeous Gerard Butler. The film not only revolves around but also depends solely on his 'sex appeal' and it scores there.

On the flipside, the rom-com/chick-flick is way too formulaic, cliched and predictable for your liking. Various women get cozy with George but there is no surprise element as to who gets him. There is no drama or twists andturns to the story. You don't sympathize with poor chick-magnet George. A lack of depth to the characters makes you feel indifferent towards them. The bonding between the father and son is not explored much either.

Download Playing for Keeps Movie

Jessica Biel as Stacie is your typical judgemental wife who plays hard to get. She has few dialogues and scenes. Uma Thurman, Dennis Quaid, Judy Greer and Catherine Zeta-Jones have insignificant roles too. Gerard Butler fits the bill as a studly but vulnerable soccer star. He however falls short of evoking emotions in scenes which require that.

If you don't dig novelty in films and fancy Butler, Playing for Keeps is watchable.