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Fans of the now annual "Paranormal Activity" movies came out last night in New York City to catch an early "Want It" screening of the series' fourth entry, once again directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, who helmed last year's.

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This time, moving the action back to the present, "Paranormal Activity 4" managed to leave the fans thoroughly terrified and asking for more, with some even calling it the best of the series. MTV News grabbed some of the shell-shocked fans as they came out of "Paranormal Activity 4" after the film's chaotic ending.

Among those fans was Schulman's brother, Nev, who lived with the directing team during the summer and gave his take on the movie after the screening. "I lived with the directors all summer in a house, and let me tell you, they know a thing or two about scaring me," he said. "The movie, I've seen it now twice and I screamed both times."

Some fans imagined that it will be hard to make it through the night after the movie. "I thought 'Paranormal Activity' was crazy," Michelle Betanch said. "No sleep. No sleep at all."

"If anything happens to me, it was 'Paranormal Activity.' Toby did it," Evi Savala added, referencing the film's demonic character.

"I screamed like a girl," Bradley Virgilio said.

Though many of the fans we spoke with had differing opinions on which part of "Paranormal Activity 4" scared them the most, many mentioned the film's climax as their top pick.

"The ending was the best ending out of all of them," Savala said.

"The best ending. It was incredible," Fred Ade said. "Chills throughout, but the best ending of a 'Paranormal Activity' movie."

What was the scariest part of "Paranormal Activity 4"? Leave the most chilling moments in the comments below!